App Background restriction

An unexpectedly stopped recording is very frustrating. Let's break down the most common reasons why it can happen and how to fix it.

1. Background execution restriction

Added in Android 8.0, this feature limits apps from running in the background. When it's turned on, the OS will stop the app process silently. Go to Smart Recorder's app info screen - Battery and make sure Background restriction is not in effect.

2. Device-specific "optimizer" apps and techniques

It is a lot of Android device manufacturers out there, and many of them are going way too aggressive with battery saving. We can't go over every one of them, but we found that is a very informative website, where you will probably find step-by-step instructions for your device.

3. User-installed "battery-savers" and "system optimizers"

In case you have any of these (rarely useful, tbh) apps, make sure Smart Recorder is white-listed there.

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